Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Thee Wed teaser

Thank you for supporting my page! In celebration of reaching 600 (658 actually) Likes, I promised to give you a little taste of I Thee Wed, the sequel to With This Ring. Please remember that this is 100% unedited and copyrighted.


“What’s wrong?” I can’t look him in the eye.
“Nothing is wrong, Lily. I just can’t believe that you are real. I never thought I would have someone like you in my life.” He starts to run his fingers up and down my arm. I break out in goose bumps all over. My nipples get hard and Drew notices.
I give him a sly smile and lean down to kiss him again. Instead, I lick his lips and bite the bottom one lightly. Drew groans and grabs my ass, squeezing tightly. He leans up and now I am straddling his lap. This could be fun!

I lean back a bit and give him the most serious look I can muster. I trace my finger down his face to his jaw and to his neck. Licking my lips, I watch my hand go over his chest to the bottom of his shirt. I grab the hem and pull it up and over his head. Holy fucking shit he is built!

I can’t help but run my hands up and down his chest and abs. I love it when his muscles quiver each time I pass over them. Now I need to taste him. Leaning over I start at his neck. Nipping and kissing and licking my way down his left side, I stop at his nipple and gently bite it. That earns me another groan. I smile as I work my way over to the other side to do it again. I look up and Drew has his head tossed back on the arm of the couch, his eyes shut and mouth open. I feel so powerful in this moment and I plan to take advantage of it as long as he will let me.

I continue to move down his chest to his abs. They are defined, but not so severely cut that they look like a body builders. As far as I’m concerned, they are perfect. I dip my tongue in the ridges between the muscles as I work around them and when I reach his navel I can’t help but lick it too. Now I’m at his happy trail of hair that disappears into his pants. I start to feel more turned on and I have to get this pants off him now. I grab the waistband and start to pull. Thankfully Drew lifts his hips and makes it easier for me to remove the offending clothing. As soon as I get the pants to his thighs, his erection springs up. Oh. My. God. I have not had the opportunity to look at Drew up close. He is amazingly beautiful. The head is full and the shaft is long and thick. I know how good he feels inside me, but I want to watch him fall apart with just my touch. 

Drew looks down at me with a smile on his face. “Now what are you going to do with me?”
I just grin back at him and grab his length with both my hands. Keeping my eyes trained on his, I pump up and down a couple of times. Drew’s eyes close and I know I have him. I lean forward and place a small kiss right on the head. Drew’s sharp inhale tells me that I am on the right track. Unfortunately, I am in a very awkward position on this couch. I slide off and turn Drew so that he is sitting up and I am kneeling in front of him. His pants come all the way off next and once they are gone, I run my hands back up his legs. There is a bead of pre-cum leaking from the tip of his penis and I just have to taste him. Starting at the root, I lick all the way up the underside of his cock until I reach the top and wrap my lips around the head. Drew’s hips buck and he slides further into my mouth. I take him in as far as I can without gagging and I use my hand to wrap around the length that doesn’t fit. Moving slowly up and down, I continue to suck on the upstroke, then swirl my tongue around the head, and then slide back down. I keep up this lazy pattern until I feel Drew’s thigh muscles start to tense. I run my other hand around his balls and start to squeeze gently, kneading them to the rhythm my mouth has going. Drew grabs my hair and starts to moan louder. He is guiding my head now and I can feel that he is getting close. I smile to myself as I hear and feel him falling apart with my actions.

“Lily, I am going to come so if you don’t want me to do it in your mouth you need to move now.”
That’s all the incentive I need to grip him tighter and pick up my speed. Drew shouts out my name with his climax, shooting his cum down my throat. I swallow it down as fast as I can. I don’t really like to swallow, but I don’t feel like I can do anything else at this point. Drew’s hand falls from my hair and he sighs. I look up at him and his head is back, eyes closed, and a huge grin is on his face. I grab my coffee, which is cold now, and take a swig. 

“Baby, that was fucking amazing. I don’t know what else to say.”

“My pleasure, Drew. It was fun to watch.” I give him a wink, stand up, and head upstairs to my bedroom, leaving him on the couch in his post-orgasm glow.

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  1. Fab can't wait when is this to be released please